Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics
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Top Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics For Impactful Dissertations

Typically, many students struggle to write an impressive dissertation on medical surgical nursing topics. It is due to the fact that there are numerous options and choices, and students become confused in the process. Finally, they conclude on a very popular topic that cease to amaze the reader.

If you’re having trouble coming up with an authentic and interesting dissertation topic, you’ve come to the right place. We provide free Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics to assist students in writing the best dissertations.

Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics

We’d like to give you some open-ended Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics before giving you the best dissertation ideas in medical surgical nursing. These suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in developing an infinite number of intriguing medical dissertation topics.

With these Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics you can create customised dissertation topics based on your interests and capture everyone’s attention. So don’t waste any time and start writing draughts for your dissertation topics right away.

The Patient-Nurse Relationship: The goal of this dissertation concept is to investigate the effects of nurses’ behaviour on the recovery process of patients. For example, you could discuss how a nurse’s personality influences the emotional and mental recovery who has recently undergone surgery. Aside from that, you can discuss both the negative and positive aspects of the behaviour.

Self-Care vs. Employing Nurses: The purpose of this dissertation topic is to examine and highlight the impact of caring for oneself versus hiring a nurse following surgery. For example, you could talk about how hiring a nurse has helped a patient recover to his full potential more effectively than a patient caring for him. You can also conduct a comparative study of the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a nurse versus caring for yourself.

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Topics For Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertations In Primary Care

Primary healthcare is defined as essential or fundamental health care services base on socially appropriate and evidence-base techniques and materials. There are numerous topics for nursing scholars to investigate because it encompasses physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being:

  • Strengthening the primary healthcare system as the first point of contact
  • The establishment of home health nursing in the community
  • Clinical pathways in the primary health care delivery system
  • Home visits to home health care: enhancing the primary health care delivery system
  • Community health nurses’ roles are being expanded.
  • Millennial healthcare system models
  • In the community health setting, a disease surveillance program is being strengthened.
  • Incapacitated patients’ home health care
  • Acceptance of evidence-based medicine in primary care
  • Enhancing community/home health care continuity of care following hospitalization
  • Physical restoration and occupational therapists in the context of community health care

Good Healthcare Management Research Topics

The planning, government, or oversight of healthcare systems, hospitals, public health systems, and other medical facilities is referred to as healthcare management. Because it encompasses the management of all hospital work, it opens the door to much research. Consider the following Medical Surgical Nursing Dissertation Topics examples:

  • Identifying who is to blame for surgical failure.
  • Limitations on Healthcare Contracts
  • Medical Home Care Services
  • Examining nursing channels that nurses can use to become doctors?
  • Bias Against Women in the Nursing Profession
  • Starting a Private Nursing Practice
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Medicare
  • What are the most effective strategies for increasing staff retention in a health care setting?
  • Nursing Uniform Code of Ethics
  • Is there any role of nurses in hospital improvement?
  • Legal Concerns Regarding Non-English Patients
  • Medical Marijuana: Risks, Benefits, and Regulations
  • Manpower Shortage in Healthcare Health monitoring apps for post-discharge home care
  • The effect of virtual care on urban and rural areas in telehealth
  • A strategic referral system is in place to prevent tertiary hospital overcrowding.
  • System of clinical pathways for referral.
  • Pharmacy with a drive-through.
  • Increasing the importance of social work and social workers in the health care team
  • In the healthcare delivery system, a case management approach is use.
  • Defining and implementing Expected Length of Stay in patient management Case managers’ influence on Expected Length of Stay and patient outcomes
  • Healthcare cultures on bed rest versus mobilisation are being redefine.
  • Reinventing hospital diet and food service cultures
  • Reshaping hospital cultures through the adoption of sick roles
  • Strict adherence to Expected Length of Stay to avoid hospital overcrowding
  • Case Manager Roles in Clinical Pathways
  • A caseworker is a new nursing role and a nursing specialization.
  • A nurse navigator is a new type of nurse entrepreneur.
  • Case management clinical pathway for smooth admission, patient flow, and post-discharge care continuity
  • Boost nursing specialization
  • Healthcare providers must be computer literate.
  • Community service and elderly outpatients are cared for.
  • How much influence does a specific type of family therapy usually have on an adult with an eating disorder?
  • Is there a link between poor housing conditions and mental health issues?
  • What are the most effective techniques for dealing with complex patients who have specific types of mental health issues?
  • Is it beneficial or a waste of time and energy to carefully listen to what schizophrenic patient says about their delusions?
  • Can you spread awareness to help them understand food labels and avoid becoming obese or unhealthy?
  • Can a friendly relationship between a patient and a nurse aid in the patient’s quick and effective recovery?
  • Is gardening therapy effective in relieving the stress of the elderly?
  • What kinds of psychological issues or disorders do spouses of Alzheimer’s patients face?
  • Can laughter therapy significantly reduce depression?
  • What effect can music therapy have on a patient’s depression?
  • Can art therapy effectively reduce aggression in patients suffering from any type of mania?
  • Is it true that males and females who have seizures have low self-esteem and social issues?
  • How much do teenage boys know about tobacco use, and how do they react to it?