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The Most Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics

You’ll learn a lot more than just creativity in marketing because it’s a business-oriented subject. For example, to learn how to set budgets, find new customers, enter international markets, and determine prices and profits.

In order to complete your degree program as a marketing student, you’ll be required to submit a marketing dissertation for evaluation. Branding, relationship marketing, online marketing/digital marketing, marketing ethics, and any other field of marketing can be the subject of your dissertation.

The latest marketing dissertation topics are listed below to help you get started with brainstorming dissertation topics in marketing.

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List of Marketing Dissertation Topics in Distribution

In order to get their products to customers, every business, whether it’s just starting or well-established, needs a well-defined distribution system. So, here are a few great marketing dissertation ideas.

  • In what ways can new products be integrated into the lifestyles of the target audience?
  • A study of new companies’ best distribution strategies.
  • If you’re creating new marketing distribution channels, what are some mistakes to avoid?
  • When it comes to young adults, what are the most critical factors that determine their level of satisfaction?
  • Is it effective to use Black Friday to drive sales?
  • Are marketing research and business sales interconnected?
  • Looking at how smaller companies and multinationals handle their distribution systems
  • Making a comparison of and contrast between precious metals and food marketing channels
  • Tactics used in modern business marketing and paradigms.
  • Businesses use CSR to build their brands in a variety of ways.
  • To increase sales, marketers use brand manipulation techniques.
  • Application of the marketing mix A closer look at the social networking site Facebook.

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Some Amazing Marketing Dissertation Ideas

Even though there are many marketing strategies, the way they are used by marketers varies. Some interesting marketing dissertation ideas that will earn you higher grades from professors are listed below.

  • Fashion industry marketing techniques
  • Examining how gender influences family members’ purchasing decisions.
  • Apple as a case study for evaluating global marketing success factors
  • Marketing strategies for baby and maternity products are examined.
  • When it comes to social class, how do companies differentiate their products and services?
  • Political campaigns and brand marketing.
  • To what extent do companies take advantage of impulse buying to increase their bottom line?
  • Is it a good idea to centralise marketing efforts for global brands?
  • Advertising’s negative effects on children.
  • It’s all about in-store branding and brand awareness!
  • What are the most effective hotel marketing strategies?
  • Is display marketing on the verge of extinction?
  • Incorporating smartphone technology to gain insight into customer thought processes
  • Is radio still a viable advertising medium today?
  • Uber vs. Netflix: A comparison of new market entry strategies

Marketing Dissertation Topics In Consumer Behavior

You can manipulate consumer behaviour in marketing to your advantage. The following marketing dissertation topics will help you improve your marketing skills.

  • How important it is to know your customers’ behaviour when expanding your business abroad
  • Advertisements: How do they affect consumer behaviour?
  • Wedding suit buying behaviour analysis
  • Customer protection against direct marketing: Are they well-equipped to handle it?
  • Family-owned businesses face a variety of marketing challenges that must be addressed.
  • Comparing local and international online marketing tactics
  • The use of technology in modern marketing
  • Female status has an impact on purchasing behavior.
  • In marketing teams, there is a need for leadership.
  • Utilizing loyalty programs as marketing tools.
  • Humor in advertising is used.
  • Does the customer pay attention to the product labeling on the product?
  • Is the quality of well-known brands consistently high?

Marketing Dissertation Ideas For Research In Internet Marketing

In today’s world, there’s no question that internet marketing is big business. Here are some great marketing dissertation topics to consider in order to understand the different strategies, their applications, and staying ahead of the competition.

  • Using a case study of American companies to evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing in increasing sales
  • In order to make a purchase online, what do customers look for?
  • How do companies implement standardization?
  • Customer preference for online shopping
  • What are the best remarketing strategies for a small business?
  • Mobile marketing: Does it work, or is it a waste of time?
  • Welches are the newest marketing trends in the online world.
  • Analyzing the UK policies for online marketing.
  • Contrast the efficacy of traditional and modern marketing strategies.
  • What are the sales tactics used by oil companies in the United States?
  • Why does marketing content go viral in online advertising?
  • Reasons for conducting a competitor analysis when marketing a product or service.
  • In what way do clients view companies that advertise on Facebook
  • How much can Facebook advertising help a company grow?
  • Google’s mobile-first index: how did it affect the online marketing industry
  • Without social media marketing, can a business survive?
  • When it comes to baby products, which social media platform has the most sway?

Marketing Dissertation Ideas On Marketing Across Cultures

Global marketing may involve comparing a country’s culture and marketing methods to those of other countries. People in the UK, for example, have a different idea of what constitutes a good ad than people in the United States. For ideas, check out this list of marketing dissertation topics:

  • In fashion marketing, there is a strong Indian influence in British society.
  • The perception of luxury in the United Kingdom compared to the United States.