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Your english literature dissertation should be a stand-alone piece of work. It is not expected to make a unique contribution to knowledge. Still, it must be special because it is an entirely independent piece of writing. Are you curious what it means?

Your English literature dissertation must be based on extensive research and reading. You must show your understanding of the dissertation topic.

You must demonstrate your ability to analyse and critique primary texts and relevant literature on your topic.

To make sure that your dissertation has a clear focus, develop a research question and answer it in the body of your paper.

Your dissertation should be approximately 10,000 words long and provide an in-depth research of a particular topic in your chosen field.

Choose A Good Topic For Your English Literature Dissertation

The first stage is to narrow down your field of interest.You should consider the topics that you found most interesting while taking the course. Exploring your subject may take a long time. Still, if you are genuinely interested in your research topic, the process will seem less daunting. Furthermore, you must conduct initial research to ensure that you will find a large amount of literature to support your ideas. Examine the existing critical literature to determine the best approach to take. Preliminary reading can assist you in identifying gaps that can address in your paper.

If you don’t know where to begin with your English Literature dissertation topic, consider this short list of English Literature dissertation examples:

  • Women as Heroes in Classical English Literature
  • The Influence of John Milton’s Paradise Lost on Seventeenth-Century Literature;
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A Comparison of Love Expressions for the Fair Lord and the Dark Lady;
  • The Gender and Power in Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield;
  • Geoffrey Chaucer’s Writings on Medieval Tradition;
  • The Genre in the Fiction of Daphne du Maurier;
  • In Thomas More’s Utopia, there is satire and ambiguity.
  • In Emily Bront’s Wuthering Heights, there is violence and hatred.
  • Dickens’ Technique for Creating Suspense;
  • Gatsby’s Parties are a satirical depiction of modern society.
  • The Influence of Jane Austen’s Novels on Women’s Roles in English Society at the End of the 18th and Starting of the 19th Centuries;
  • Elizabeth Gaskell’s depiction of society and family in her works;
  • Macbeth’s Betrayal Motive and Its Consequences
  • Shakespeare’s Famous Works from a Feminist’s Point of View;
  • Differentiate between Victor and Prometheus in the Novel Frankenstein.

Create An Outline

After you’ve chosen a topic and conducted initial research, you’ll need to decide on an approach and a working title. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, come up with a few working titles. Also every one may place a different focus. .You should maintain these titles in mind as you conduct research and select the best one.

In terms of the scope, your dissertation should be based on the analysis of at least two primary texts, though no set number must include. When selecting text for study, consider cultural, theoretical, and historical contexts to ensure that they are enough for producing a substantial piece of work. However, it is also necessary to concentrate to ensure that your topic is realistic within the word limit.

You must develop a research question that will instruct your research and writing. While working on your projects, you must always bear it in mind and do your best to address it and explain why it is essential. Following that, you must plan your project and write a brief outline (about 500 words) that includes a list of primary texts. You must plan your chapters and parts and explain what you intend to accomplish in the time allotted.

Write Dissertation Chapters

The english literature dissertation structure is typically determined by the type of project and the intended audience. The most common English literature dissertation structure will discuss in this guide. Still, you should explain the structure you suggest for your paper with your supervisor since your faculty may have special needs. Each dissertation chapter should contain specific information, but you may occasionally combine the two chapters, such as the results and discussion. You can also structure your English literature dissertation as an extended essay. For example, if you analyse literary texts, you can organise your chapters around various themes.


Each dissertation must include an abstract of approximately 200-300 words. Because it is a quick overview of the entire paper, you should write it at the end. An abstract should provide enough information for your readers to assess the material of your paper and determine whether or not it is worth reading. Here are some suggestions for what to do within your abstract:

  • Explain your methodology; State your main topic and explain your goals and objectives.
  • Provide a synopsis of your findings/results;
  • State your main conclusions and, if applicable, make recommendations.
  • Because some people will only read the abstract of your dissertation, you must get it right.


In your english literature dissertation introduction, you must provide context for your research. Here is what you should also include in your english literature dissertation introduction.

Here is what you should include in your dissertation introduction.

  • Create a context for your work by developing the topic of your dissertation in classic English literature.
  • Specify the scope of the research by narrowing the focus.
  • Speak about existing research and demonstrate how your topic is relevant by identifying gaps in the literature.
  • State the research question and explain the purpose of your study.
  • Explain briefly how your dissertation will be organised and what information you will include in each chapter.

Literature Review

The purpose of writing this chapter is to demonstrate to your audience that you understand exactly how your research fills a gap in the existing literature. You must critically evaluate and analyse each source relevant to your topic and demonstrate links between them. That means you’ll need to look for common patterns, themes, or gaps. It is critical to summarise existing sources and provide a rational argument that will help prove the need for your research. Remember that you should write this chapter as a discussion rather than a description.


You must address two critical questions in the methodology chapter:

How do you intend to conduct your research; why have you chosen such methods.

You must provide specific details about what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. You may also discuss any difficulties you involve in managing your research. You should describe what you did and persuade your readers that it is the best way to achieve your goals and answer the research question.

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