How To Write A Dissertation Proposal
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What Is A Dissertation Proposal? and How to How To Write A Dissertation Proposal

We can define dissertation in the following words, “Is it about what your dissertation is about. Defining and pinpointing your questions you are going to ask in your dissertation along with the theoretical background check, what research methods you are going to use and what outcomes can be expected from it.” In other words we can say it’s all about the type, the data, research you have done and the outcomes. It is an academic paper which gives your reader a brief idea about what your dissertation is.

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It is a comprehensive and detailed statement on the content of the student’s dissertation. However the size and the structure of the dissertation proposal may vary from the type, grade, course and other academic factors.

Students write this chapter before writing their dissertation and get feedback from advisors and others. It is like writing the first draft of your dissertation or thesis. You should make the first draft as effective as possible. Do take advice and feedback from others and avoid mistakes if they point out any. It is better to fix them before starting to write your dissertation.

The dissertation proposal helps you to list out all the goals you have set for your dissertation. It helps you to keep the goal in your mind and it will be much easier to outline your dissertation after this step. Doing this also helps the students who have never done any research like that. It can help them to build an outline to follow and keep a structure in mind while writing a dissertation.

Why Is A Proposal So Important?

A dissertation proposal is an essential tool for students in preparing the dissertation. If it is done correctly, it serves the same purpose as a long and in-depth essay, providing you with guidelines you can work on while writing your dissertation.

But here is a point, keep in mind that your dissertation proposal is not a stone, it can be changed and modified. More data and information can be added in this.  It can be changed during the research and writing down the dissertation. You can face a situation where you find your previous proposal not enough to support your dissertation and now currently adding information makes it more presentable.

The Steps Before Dissertation Proposal

One of the easiest ways to begin your dissertation proposal is checking your notes and assignments, lecture slides provided by your professor. Collect the data from these resources. When you find your topic, make sure to include and make note of all the publications you are going to use in the dissertation, such as Author’s name, book/journal, chapter name, title, page number and publisher. This step can help you to provide the name of the resources you have collected the data from.

If you are confused about what type of information or data you should use, consult your advisor or instructor regarding this issue.

Make sure you have the following sections in detail before starting the proposal.

  • Main theme
  • Basic concept
  • Detailed information
  • Information of resources
  • Methods you are going to use
  • The goals
  • The outcomes
  • Literature
  • Bibliography

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Following are the stages or the guidelines you are supposed to follow when writing a dissertation proposal.

» Introduction:

Whatever the research is about or whatever is its type, introduction is a compulsory step to follow. Most of the academic papers start with this step and provide a brief introduction regarding the topic. You can use it to present the objective of your study, a thesis statement and the background of the topic to your readers. If you want your thesis and research paper to be powerful and effective, make sure the introduction is strong and presents your topic properly. Depending on the requirements of your paper and criteria set by your department, include suitable definitions, limitations and other sections to make it more impactful.

» Do A Review Of The Literature:

Make sure to provide the data resources and review of the literature and other resources you are going to use in the dissertation. Usually students are seen putting the framework, research description and glimpse of the resources you are going to use in your dissertation.

» Focus On Methodology:

This section can be different in structure except in the ending and the beginning. Start it with the introduction and questions. You can include the research design and setting of the paper. Do give a brief explanation on data collection or research results, then wrap it up with a good conclusion.

» Name The Research Findings:

In this section, you update your readers about the status of the information. You and provide them with the information as what information you already have and how you are going to conduct it. Make sure to organize your research findings in the setting according to the objectives and goals of your dissertation.


Conclusion? Yes, we have conclusion in each and every academic writing, either essay of any type or if it’s a dissertation. Let’s see what we do while wrapping up our dissertation proposal along with how we come up with a suitable and impactful conclusion for this purpose.

The conclusion of the dissertation proposal is the same as the conclusion for other writings. The [purpose is to serve the summary of your thesis statement. This section should be having a conclusion based on your own research. It should be organized just like the introduction. This section should contain the summary of what you have researched and what outcomes it might have in future. Do you have any suggestions regarding this? If yes, then present them. Raise questions regarding your topic and leave them on readers to answer and force them to share their opinions on the specific situation.

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